Washington & Multnomah County DUII Attorney

Being charged with a DUII in Oregon can be a disorienting, stressful, and overall difficult situation. A DUII conviction can have a lasting impact on a person’s career, reputation, and other opportunities. With so much at stake, it is crucial for anyone charged with DUII in Oregon to be represented by an experienced DUII lawyer.

What a Washington & Multnomah County DUII Attorney Can Do For You

If you’ve been charged with DUI in Washington or Multnomah County, it is crucial that you are represented by a qualified and experienced local DUII defense attorney. By hiring a DUII attorney, you can ensure that:

  • All possible defenses are investigated and presented. An attorney with experience handling these types of cases will know all of the possible defenses, and will understand what evidence is necessary to prove these defenses. Moreover, they will be able to present your defense in a legally persuasive way.
  • Your rights are protected. In every criminal prosecution in Oregon, defendants are entitled to a fair trial. A skilled DUII attorney can protect your rights by ensuring that police and prosecutors adhere to the law.
  • The allegations of police and prosecutors are fully proven. All too often, DUII charges are brought when they shouldn’t have been. Breathalyzer machines are not always accurate and police officer accounts are subjective. A qualified DUII defense lawyer can challenge any claims made by police and prosecutors and make sure that they are fully proven before conceding anything.
  • In the case of a conviction, the best possible outcome is negotiated. An attorney with DUII defense experience will know all of your sentencing options. Often, there are programs or other considerations that can be made that will limit the punishment.  Lawyers also know how to speak the language of the law. They know how to communicate with judges and with each other. Having a DUII attorney negotiate on your behalf with the proper terminology and tact can greatly reduce the potential penalties.

Contact Lawrence L Taylor, Attorney at Law, to Discuss Your Case

Attorney Lawrence Taylor has defended Oregonians charged with DUII since 1992. Lawrence serves clients in Washington and Multnomah county. If you’ve been charged with DUII in Oregon, contact Lawrence L. Taylor, Attorney at Law, at (503) 228-2578 to schedule a consultation today.