Washington & Multnomah County Restraining/Stalking Orders Attorney

In Oregon, a restraining order is available to you if you have been the victim of domestic abuse or if you fear you will be a victim. The Family Abuse Prevention Act, or FAPA, allows for protection from abuse while you are going through a divorce. It is important to fully understand what you are asking for when you seek FAPA protection and if you are the recipient of a FAPA restraining order, you must fully understand and comply with the orders you have received.

A Washington County Restraining Order Attorney can help you understand your rights and responsibilities and walk you through the process as needed. It is crucial that you follow any restraining orders that are in place and that you understand what a FAPA order can and can’t do for you if you are the party requesting it.

Legal Help When You Need It Most

I understand what you are going through when you are faced with filing for a restraining order and will work hard to protect your rights. Domestic violence is a serious threat to your safety and my team will take prompt action on your behalf. A restraining order can give you the peace of mind you need to get on with your life and help ensure you are not in danger during or after your divorce proceedings.

Stalking is Serious in Oregon

If you are being stalked, your Multnomah County Stalking Order Lawyer can file orders on your behalf. Unlike FAPA restraining orders, a stalking order does not expire and will provide long lasting protection for you, the victim. A stalking order will show up on background checks and can prevent your stalker from harassing you, from buying weapons and engaging in threatening behavior.

A Multnomah County Stalking Order Lawyer Can Help

Whether you are afraid and being harassed by someone who is stalking you or you have been accused of stalking and face defending yourself against an unfounded and unfair accusation, you need legal help. Stalking is taken very seriously by the courts in Oregon; the right attorney can help protect your rights and ensure you feel safe in your own home and as you go about living your life.

If you are the victim of domestic violence or are being stalked, attorney Lawrence L. Taylor can help. Contact Lawrence L. Taylor, Attorney at Law, at (503) 228-2578 today to set up a time to talk about the specific details of your situation; the sooner you take action, the sooner you can get peace of mind about your safety and your life.